The Little Boy in the Red Sweater

My Journey Through Sexual Abuse

When I started writing a blog over ten years ago, I never dreamed, I would be sharing so much of myself in my own posts. I mostly thought, it would have bits about my life, or the news of current events. Instead, I found it a safe place to put all my fears, and insights that I discovered, while practicing yoga, meditation, reading spiritual books. It morphed into difficult memories of the stages of healing from a childhood of sexual abuse. The beginning of writing the blog, was perhaps the most difficult. I felt a lot of the similar feelings of the sexual abuse I endured as a child. My words would come out fast and choppy. I could feel my fingers and body shake as I relived each moment, through the typing of the keys, and writing the blog posts. It was another way of telling my story, while safely releasing the toxic wounds, from within my body, mind, and soul. I never knew, in advance, what words would come to me, that would trigger a blog post.Sometimes it was a song, a distant memory, or a longing for a connection to myself that was tucked away deep inside my memories. I just knew that it had to come out on a blog and into reality in order to start the healing process.


Carl A. Huhta

Carl Huhta lives in Dallas, and is a hot yoga practitioner, a spiritual student of Sri Nisaragadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharaj and is a Vipassana Meditator. Carl also honors the teachings of Buddha, Krishna and Jesus (Holy Spirit). Carl also likes to paint with acrylics for fun and inspiration, enjoys cooking and living with his partner Gopi and their 2 dogs.


ISBN: 978-1-64516-453-1

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Publisher: Messy Guru

Publication Date: January 31, 2019

Language: English

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What readers are saying about The Little Boy in the Red Sweater


Heartbreaking story but the author’s spirit to survive shines through this book. His journey is hard won and worthy of reading. His honesty and truth is appreciated on each page. Well done.

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